At UnderCurrency

we offer products and services, mainly focused to security government documents, banknotes and coins.


The company objective is to provide products, consulting services and carry out specialized studies as well as technological development projects for the industry.



A software technology for evaluating the functionality of a banknote design regarding human perception. A versatile tool that allows you to discover the perception performance of your design right after it is conceived in a fast and easy way, and without disclosing confidential information.


(Banknote Accelerated Aging Device)

An instrument specially designed to reproduce the effects of circulation on banknotes in a short period of time. A robust and reliable solution to simulate circulation for banknotes (and its security features) printed on any kind of substrate, from cotton based substrates to polymer substrates, including all the different hybrid configurations in the market.

Cryptoanchors ID System

A security and authentication system based on cryptographic anchors for security documents. A method to bond a physical security document to a digitally encrypted identifier that only requires the commonly available features in security documents, combined with a deep statistical analysis and the robustness and security provided by the blockchain technology.



Advice and generation of diagnoses and recommendations on issues related to:


      • Manufacturing processes, security features, substrates and inks for banknotes and security documents
      • Technology and raw materials for new security documents
      • Security, functionality and durability of security documents.
      • Cost-benefit balance assessments


Custom-built studies including lab tests, computer vision, data science and machine learning focused on:


      • Durability assessments, circulation simulation studies and mean-life estimation
      • Design functionality of security documents and security features
      • Data analyses, classification and overall performance evaluation methodologies


Tailor-made tools and solutions using digital analysis systems and computer vision, in order to address:


        • Security documents Verification and Authentication
        • Technology development and implementation solutions

20 years of experience and deep technical knowledge back us.

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