About Us


Was founded in 2019 by Ernesto González Candela, PhD. The company is integrated by a group of scientists and experts with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of security documents and banknotes. We provide consulting services and carry out customized studies as well as technology development projects for the industry.


UnderCurrency works in collaboration with different partners, from the private sector as well as from the government, all of them leaders in their own fields. UnderCurrency is based in Mexico and its commercial activities are worldwide.


Contribute to the improvement of security, functionality and cost benefit balance of security documents, banknotes and coins, by means of knowledge and innovation, always with a high level of reliability and excellence.


We are a versatile and multidisciplinary team comprised of scientists, image analysis experts, software developers, and security document designers. With our extensive collaboration history within Banco de México, we have an indepth understanding of the marketplace niche as well as the organization and operations of a government institution.


Over the years, we have devised methodologies, solutions, and systems to evaluate and implement enhancements in the security, functionality, and durability of government documents and banknotes. We recognize the immense potential for optimizing the performance of these specialized entities and have identified a demand for the expertise and technologies we have honed.


Among the innovative technologies we have developed are systems for analysing, authenticating, and tracking banknotes in circulation, computer algorithms for automatic counterfeit trend classification and discovery, patented security features, software tools to aid the design process of new banknotes, and methods for automating quality control of raw materials.


Additionally, our team has the capability to offer consulting services, drawing upon our extensive knowledge in various areas, including banknote production processes, quality control, security, counterfeiting, durability, and circulation trials.