Market Sectors


is targeting the following sectors

Central Banks
and government institutions


UC provides consultancy, assistance and custom studies to assess and improve the performance of security documents, banknotes and coins. This highly skilled support enable organizations to obtain professional evaluations and experts recommendations to facilitate the decision making process in order to improve the functionality, security and cost benefit balance of their government security documents, banknotes or coins.

On the other hand, UC is able to provide innovative security systems, authentication and monitor technologies customized to the specific requirements and regional characteristics of the costumer.

Suppliers of the security
documents industry


UC has the experience to provide support to different suppliers in the sector for the development and implementation of methodologies to evaluate and benchmark their products. This is accomplished employing objective (non based on human assessment) and repeatable procedures that enable confidence to their costumers based on robust scientific arguments.

This sector includes:

  • Banknotes and security documents substrate manufacturers (security paper mills, polymer substrate manufacturers, etc.)
  • Printing works for banknotes and government security documents
  • Security features, ink and varnishes Industry

Cash processing organizations


UC provides support on the assessment of banknote circulation and degradation conditions in an independent, objective and reliable way. The assessment is based on sophisticated image analysis and machine learning technologies and the results obtained lead to better understand the system and to improve handling and sorting operations of the cash processing organizations.

The comprehensive information obtained enable as well to outsource suppliers to offer customized service solutions providing better data and control concerns of customers.