Following, the publications on some the topics we have been working during the recent years



Publications focused on the study of durability performance of security documents in circulation:

1. Degradation Analysis of Banknotes
XVIII Pacific Rim Banknote Printers Conference,
Tokio, Nov 2009.

2. Matusalen: 200 peso commemorative banknote circulation trial
Proceedings, Optical Document Security Conference,
San Francisco, Jan 2014.

Computer assisted design


Useful tools based on computer vision, machine learning, and the expertise regarding banknote design to improve the functionality performance of banknotes:

3. Enhancing banknote design through computer-assisted visual perception
Proceedings, Optical Document Security Conference,
San Francisco, Jan 2018.

Monitoring and security systems


Systems aimed to the verification/authentication and trak&trace capabilities for security documents by means of certification and cryptographic anchors:

4. Gogol: Development of a Security Feature for Electronic Devices
Proceedings, Optical Document Security conference,
San Francisco, Feb 2016.

5. Patent USA: Method for certifying and authenticating security documents based on a measure of the relative position variations of the different processes involved in its manufacture.
Banco de México Assignee.
Application No. PCT/IB2014/002906.
Filling Date 24th Nov. 2014.

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6. Towards a general approach for cryptoanchoring security documents.
Proceedings, Optical & Digital Document Security conference,
Vienna, Apr 2022.


Design of security features


7. Patent MX: Artículo y método de formación de estructuras embozadas sobre superficies de materiales brillantes que producen movimientos aparentes predeterminados
Application: MX/a/2016/015576, PCT
Filling Date 28th Nov. 2016.

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